Student Activities Fair at Ursinus College 2016

The Young Americans for Liberty of Ursinus College participated in the activities fair this week. During this time increment the officers of the club were driven to spread awareness to the libertarian group. The goal of the YAL group was to spread the word on a couple of upcoming events: The discussion at 9 pm in Olin auditorium, the future movie viewing at a nearby theatre of the Snowden incorporating the once in a life time opportunity to witness a live skype broadcast with Edward Snowden himself, the ideas of liberty, and what YAL means to our community. At Ursinus College, the YAL Chapter truly desires to have student participation to make our school and community a better place.

At the activities fair, we presented a survey titled “Should it Be Legal to Sell?” On the survey was a row of various substances, actions, or materials that are either illegal to possess or to buy. The poster board tallied what individuals believed that the government should and should not have control over. The survey brought individuals in, creating an atmosphere where his or her opinion mattered. The poster was great because it gave a visual representative of small populations and the representation of the self to step up, and make a decision for what they actually would like to have happen.

Later that night, the group held a discussion for approximately one hour. The topic referenced the poster board that was held at the activities fair, the discussion flowed throughout the room. Because of how unfair our government can be at time, we need “our society” to hold these groups and discussions to peacefully and willfully convey what we need as peoples.

The activities fair was the beginning of the many opportunities that the Ursinus College Young Americans for Liberty have planned in order to engage in student involvement and betterment of the youth. Our team truly desires to help those who are willing to adjust or extend their views and opinions.



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