Student Activities Fair at William Carey University

Partnering with FEE, we had tons of free books to give out to students in addition to the YAL literature. People appreciated that our club offers opportunities to learn and grow–that it improves their education– all while we promoted YAL as “the most fun club on campus”.

We used the “shortest political quiz” to show that we always support liberty whether it’s left or right, even though we’re proudly a more conservative Christian campus. Founding our club with a Rand supporter, a Bernie supporter, and a Cruz supporter with different liberty emphases, we will continue use our freedom to bring people together regardless of where they are on the left/right spectrum.

We’ll make a positive difference with our freedom soon (#ChooseCharity) and always celebrate freedom whether it’s left or right, and many were glad to get behind that and sign up. Thank you to YAL and FEE for the resources to make that possible!

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