Student Activities “Free Stuff” Fair

Every year Rockhurst University holds the Student Activities Fair, nicknamed the free stuff fair. Each student organization has a table with some giveaway items and a banner of some kind. Though Rockhurst’s chapter of YAL is not yet a registered student organization (almost there!), we were allowed to have a table. However, there was a miscommunication somewhere along the line and we had the wrong date for the fair, so our recruitment hadn’t come in yet.

At the last minute, due to the heroics of the Missouri State Chairman of YAL, Alexander Merker, we got in touch with the William Jewell College chapter president of YAL, Parker, who gave us what extra recruitment materials he had. Member John Rees came with me to William Jewell, which is fittingly in Liberty, MO, though neither of us had been before. In a transaction that could have been mistaken for a middle-of-the-day drug deal, Parker got in John’s car and we drove him around to his fraternity house and then back to campus with the tub of materials. We were very popular at the fair, had several great conversations with several interested people! We generally began by introducing the non aggression principle and talked about how being liberty-minded can actually mean a lot of things. Almost everyone we talked to signed up, for a total of 18 signups. Considering our otherwise 9 members, this was remarkable. I am very proud of our members who came to help, Sarah Ulsher, Michael Jokerst, and John Rees. Our gratitude goes out to Alexander and Parker, we could not have done it without you.

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