Student Recruitment at UTEP

UTEP Young Americans for Liberty experienced a few minor setbacks this fall season, but we are going to come back stronger than ever!


Our first day of tabling was a major success!! Our table grabbed a lot of attention. Some students who approached us were just curious. Most students though had a genuine interest to know what the philosophy of liberty would mean for them. This gave us an opportunity to discuss ideas or arguments that certain students had not been exposed to before. Which for us, was very rewarding!


From this we garnered several sign ups!


We tabled a couple more times to lead up to our first official meeting.
We also hung up flyers all across campus to let students at UTEP know that YAL UTEP is back!! And to also let them know Liberty is coming to them with Free Pizza!!



We chalked up the block all across campus the day of our first official meeting to lead up to it. 



All in all, its going to be a great year for Liberty at UTEP and in El Paso!!  



For Liberty and with love!!



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