Students at UNO Drown in Debt



On May 1, YAL @ the University of New Orleans hosted an event to expose the War on YOUth. This event proved to be one of the most successful events ever held by our chapter thanks to the assistance of Students For Liberty and a private donor in securing a dunk tank. Of course, no YAL event would be complete without pocket Constitutions and other liberty-inspired literature.   

Senior members of the chapter met early to see the dunk tank delivered and setup properly.  Not only that, but the VP of our chapter volunteered to be the first one to get dunked. A newer member also faced the tank valiantly, even after being dunked several times.  The cold waters of the tank were grueling, but in the spirit of liberty our volunteers endured to expose the mounting debt.  Their dedication and commitment to cause was most admirable.  




Visitors to the event found the dunk tank especially enjoyable and some students even stayed for the duration of the event.  One attendee found the activities so enjoyable she helped our chapter host the event after stopping by. Students were also eager to sign up for more information when they learned about the mounting debt being piled on their future.  



In addition to the dunk tank, there were several other activities attendees could enjoy.  Students were able to enjoy liberty-inspired music, played live by chapter members.  



They could also try to pong off their debt, but first they had to get past big government.  Not surprisingly, most participants were unable to make all six shots without being foiled by the state.  

After attracting a great deal of attention from the student body, Young Americans for Liberty at UNO acquired 54 sign-ups for our email list! It was a successful day for activism and liberty.

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