Students for Liberty Regional Conference Announcement

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It is no secret that the origins of Young Americans for Liberty & Students for Liberty work together regularly. Both organizations began in 2008, and both focus on spreading liberty movement on college campuses — but despite these similar missions, the structures and goals of the two organizations complement each other rather than competing.

While Young Americans for Liberty is a chapter-based organization, Students for Liberty is an international organization that uses a network of organizations to distribute resources to any liberty-minded organization ranging from college libertarian societies to single-issue groups to — you guessed it — Young Americans for Liberty chapters. So far, this partnership has dramatically altered both the political and philosophical landscape on college campuses everywhere. There is nowhere to go but up!

Students for Liberty LogoStudents for Liberty just announced that it will be hosting eighteen regional conferences this fall! This is three more conferences than last year. Much like the Young Americans for Liberty state conventions held each spring, Students for Liberty regional conferences bring the best and brightest intellectuals and activists within the liberty movement together for these incredible, liberty-oriented events.

Students for Liberty also assists Young Americans for Liberty chapters across the country attain activism kits, books, and other resources free of charge. Help spread the word and join us this fall for the conference nearest you!

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