Students help the FBI monitor and track “right-wing” political groups for Dems’ convention

Kade Ellis of Privacy SOS tweeted about this incredibly creepy FBI program:

UNC-Charlotte students are helping federal law enforcement officials with security for the Democratic National Convention.

The information the students are sharing deals with terrorism.

For the past several months, UNC-Charlotte professor Cindy Combs and her students have been identifying security concerns for the DNC.

She said terrorism is a real threat.

“If you can discover it in time, you might be able to stop it,” Combs said.

The students believe the biggest threat comes from right-wing extremist groups, and “lone wolf attackers” trying to make a statement. They also said events without heightened security are the more likely targets.

What a great idea! Start them young with the Surveillance State, because there is nothing at all wrong or creepy about young people spying on their fellow citizens to benefit a particular political party.

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