Students Provide Solutions to the Huge Debt Problem

William Carey University’s YAL chapter put into perspective how large our nation’s debt burden is at $19 trillion and more than $160,000 per taxpayer.

Aside from the huge display, the club also outlined how much Congress spends out of the average $3.2 trillion per year in stolen money, or tax revenue, listing the expenditures of bloated federal programs and unsustainable military spending.

YAL members suggested serious cuts to both the military and unconstitutional programsbeyond the mainstream “cut only entitlements vs. cut only defense” paradigm.

The display was quite a "draw"...heh get it?

YAL members asked students to write down on the sidewalk what they think the government could do about the national debt. Students quickly filled up most of the sidewalk space with big and small solutions, candidate endorsements, and both helpful and destructive ideas of fiscal policy. 

This fueled great conversations that were both educational and philosophically eye-opening, and our club was able to promote both fiscal conservatism and free speech in the same activity. The event also engaged many who were usually not politically active and provided an opportunity for them to think critically about this urgent issue and let their voice be heard.

We look forward to having such large responses and creating a campus-wide buzz with a vibrant and daringly active YAL chapter next year!

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