Students Speechless at Long Beach Free Speech Event

CSULB has seen a lot in the past few years… anti-Trump rallies, pro-Dreamer marches, Black Lives Matter speakers, you name it. What is hasn’t seen in a while, is a growing group of students who are dedicated to protecting the rights and liberty of all students on campus.

The newly forming YAL chapter in Long Beach inflated an over-sized beach ball clad in colorful demonstrations of the 1st Amendment, to remind students that free speech extends beyond the campus ordained “free speech zone.”

Although many students enjoyed this activity and embraced their freedom of speech and expression, some still couldn’t believe it.

One student came up to me upon hearing my explanation of the free speech ball and said, “What if someone writes something offensive?”
I replied, “That’s still free speech. They may not be correct, and their words may not be nice, but they can say whatever they’d like. It’s a free country.”

I handed her a marker, and she went to writing.

The final result: “Speak freely, but listen too.”

My hope is that students continue to hear the message of liberty, and band together to make it a reality on our campus.

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