Students United Against Free Speech Policy Forum 

This past Thursday, I represented our Ohio University YAL chapter at a forum including multiple campus political organizations united against an interim speech policy set forth by the administration earlier this year, in which people must register and ask permission by the University to protest in any form indoors on campus. The forum included YAL, Students for Liberty, College Republicans, College Democrats, the International Socialist Organization, the OU NAACP, and the ACLU on campus. The forum had a wonderful turnout, and every organization agreed that we want the University to rescind the policy entirely without a replacement, since it tramples on our first amendment rights and does not allow for a free marketplace of ideas on our campus. Our coalition decided that we will continue to pursue this issue in order to rescind this policy and promote free speech on campus. I am enthralled that our YAL chapter has been able to make a difference on our campus and that we are close to rescinding an unconstitutional speech policy on our campus.

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