Succesful Free Speech Wall at UW-Eau Claire!

Our Free Speech Wall was our chapter’s first ever activism event, and the results blew my expectations out of the water.  

The morning started off kind of slow for the Free Speech Wall, but handing out pocket Constitutions went very well.  We ran out of Constitutions in about an hour — I guess it’s kind of hard for anyone to say no to such an amazing document.

Foot Bridge Zoomed

We set up our Free Speech Wall at the end of the Chippewa River footbridge, which splits the UW-Eau Claire campus in two.  This bottleneck area provided a perfect spot to maximize the exposure to our wall, and to our right of free speech.

Foot Bridge

One of the first things written on our wall was “B**** in your Blood.”  We exercised our right to free speech by turning it into a less vulgar form: “Batch in your Blood.”  This reforming technique will come in handy later as you will see…


Here at UWEC, it’s very easy to spot the people who are taking a tour of the campus, as they are always led by a tour guide with the signature gold and blue striped shirt on.  We were sure to give these “Future Blugolds” a little taste of freedom:


The Dean of Students actually stopped by to check out our wall and to thank us for what we were doing.  For Constitution Day, he sent out an email to all the students and he informed us that he would include a section about our Free Speech Wall!  Here is a screenshot of the email he sent:


Remember what I was saying about that reforming technique coming in handy? Well…we had to use it when a guy decided to draw a giant penis on our board.  It was pretty funny (reminded me of Super Bad) but we decided it would be best to turn it into a giant dragon.

We ended up leaving the Free Speech Wall up all of the next day and not a single one of the sharpies went missing — a great testament to the natural goodness of people. The final product was amazing, here is a close up of the final results.

Our first activism event was a complete success – we’re looking forward to future events!

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