Successful and Fun Free Speech Event at the Vern.

The YAL chapter at Alvernia University hosted our first event yesterday. At first we were worried people wouldn’t show up but we were wrong. When the event started though, we immediately got people to sign the free speech ball and write on the sign up form. Students were excited that there was an organization like YAL on campus. 

Free Speech Ball I

About fifteen to thirty minutes into the event, we got a group of people that helped us bring more people to sign the ball and hold the ball because of the breeze. The people who helped are part of another club called the gaming club. It was very nice of them to come help us and many of them seemed interested in our club and goals. 

YAL Free Speech Ball II
Thanks to them, they let the event go on for thirty minutes later when it was supposed to. About 67 people signed the freedom of speech ball while 50 people signed up to join our chapter. This was a great start to this chapter. It was impressive to get 50 signatures for our first ever event on campus. 
This is a great foundation to start with for our young chapter. We hope to continue to grow and spread the message of liberty on our campus. 
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