Successful first month on campus; launch of hallmark Liberty Dinner event

LIU YAL just finished its first month on campus generating a lot of buzz in the student community. We began with our free speech ball inspired tabling event that garnered 66 signatures! Our free speech ball was enough to grab the attention of the student newspaper and YAL LIU was featured in the centerfold (see link attached). Students are excited to have an organization on campus dedicated to educating and informing them about first amendment rights.

LIU YAL’s hallmark event is a Liberty Dinner/Lunch, hosted monthly with the tagline “What Pisses You Off?” As chapter president I joined the liberty movement because I found trigger warnings to be absurd and I wanted to do something about it! The point of liberty dinners/lunches is to create a dialogue on the ideas of a liberty, an open forum for students to discuss what is on their minds and how YAL can help them make changes on their campus! There are many ways to host activism events and the more creative we can be, the more people we can reach.

For liberty!

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