Successful Free Speech Event @ The University of Akron

YAL Akron was blessed with some warm weather Thursday morning so we decided to break out the free speech ball! This was our best option since our Restore the Fourth kit failed to arrive. State chair Kevin Cline focused on signups while chapter president Brandon Seikaly and events coordinator Jacob Marinak focused on bringing people to write on the ball. Being a commuter school, many students are apathetic, but a great number of them are interested in our message! In the four hours spent holding this event, our chapter was able to gain over 20 signups, the most ever so far! Towards the end of our event, we unfortunately received some heat from the TPUSA vice president but at least our rights wern’t violated by campus administrators. We are looking forward to holding more events and even growing larger then the College Republicans because I know we can easily accomplish this as long as we stay connected and organized. YAL Akron also looks forward to coordinating events with Kevin’s chapter at Kent. Kevin becoming state chair has helped and will help tremendously with the growing and forming of our two chapters since Akron and Kent are close to each other. I’d also like to thank Kevin’s roommate, Brandon, for coming out to support us!


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