Successful Membership Drive at Kent State Tuscarawas

On Tuesday, January 30, Kent State Tuscarawas held a “Blue Gold Night” at the campus, which showcases many clubs on the campus for potential students. At this event, the state chair Kevin Cline and I tabled in the Performing Arts Center entertaining the idea of liberty on the campus to potential students. YAL is not yet officially recognized as a club on this campus, but this membership drive was a great first step towards becoming an official club. We didn’t get many sign-ups, but we met a lot of allies on campus and even gained some interest from some campus faculty. Some faculty were excited about me starting a YAL club since there is no existing political club on campus. Some administrators were very helpful and excited to help me establish this club as an official club. I’m very optimistic about our future on this campus and our club getting established this semester.

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