Successful Recruitment at The College of Saint Rose

Here at the College of Saint Rose, it is particularly hard to reach out to very liberal-minded students. Because of this, we have begun to change our approach to suit the demographic of this school. First, we made sure to pick a prime spot right next to the dining hall right before the dinner rush started. This maximized the amount of people who stopped by our table.

Our Table

On our poster board  read “Knowing Your Rights Can Mean The Difference Between Free Time And Jail Time.” It was advertising a presentation which our club planned to give talking about how to deal with police officers. We attracted many  people over to our table using our display  and gave a short, brief description about what we would be talking about in the presentation. Here, we see the chapter president talking to two people:

Two of the people that were interested in gong to our presentation

Even the security guards seemed interested in our display. One of them offered to take our political quiz. Two people who showed particular interest also happened to be members of the Political Science Association at the college. On presentation day, they brought quite a few of the association’s members with them.

Since we lacked the proper technology to show a video, we instead did a speech based upon the Flex Your Rights Video “10 Rules for Dealing with the Police,” adding in certain points that were particularly relevant to police in our area. The presentation had a turnout of ten people, which was a huge amount compared to our previous meetings. Even though the turnout wasn’t particularly good, we still have a bigger presence. The Political Science Association is now making our presence known, and we’ve even attracted the attention of local political activists. I’d say that our chapter is on track to being a big influence on campus!

Of course, I couldn’t have had a successful recruitment without the other members of my leadership team:

YAL Group Picture 

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