Successful Tabling Event at NMSU!

This week we had our first tabling event after battling with an administration that was scared of the rain. We had intended to table a week earlier but were foiled by the administration’s fear of some clouds. We were going to participate in our campus’ “Welcome Back Week” celebration but the administration decided to push it back a week. For those who don’t live in New Mexico, even if there are big dark storm clouds outside, it usually doesn’t mean rain. We decided to clipboard the day that we were originally going to table and got the word out about YAL that way.

After a week of waiting we finally got to table and it was a hit! This YAL chapter is in its 6th year on our campus and it really showed at this tabling event. We had numerous upperclassmen come by our table asking if we were the “Gun Group” and we happily replied “Yes!”. After so long on campus our reputation has really built up and it seems that anyone who had been on this campus for more than 3 years had heard about our group.

We had our follow up meeting the following evening and it went off without a hitch. We had all of our core members in attendance along with two new, highly interested, members. The presentation I whipped up was an in-depth look at the principles of libertarianism as well as a slide show about the previous events that our group has done. We are really trying to push the regional conferences this semester so we had plenty of pictures of all the exciting things we do at conferences. The meeting left me with a sense of optimism and excitement for the next semester!

For Peace, Love, and Liberty

Connor Gordon

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