Summer 2015 YALternship

Summer 2015 YALterns, an epic summer to say the least.


Kathryn and I seized the summer and worked hard everyday to promote liberty.  On Tuesdays we walked down the street to O’Sullivans for Liberty Karaoke and sang our hearts out.   

We celebrated Canada Day (Canada being Kathryn’s home country) by wearing red shirts to the office.

We went to the Supreme Court and made a video replicating Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” by asking people questions such as, “Do you think that Lincoln crossing the Delaware was the turning point in the Revolutionary War?” and “Why do you think Ben Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence so largely?”

On the 4th of July, we had the opportunity to go on the Leadership Institute’s riverboat cruise on the Potomac. It was beautiful to watch the fireworks from the water and it was a great feeling to be surrounded by fellow liberty lovers.  

Of course, we had to be a little touristy so we went on a nighttime walk by the monuments (while wearing liberty tanks, I might add.) 

Most of the summer we were preparing for #YALcon15. Kathryn introduced Remy, I introduced Ron Paul, and we loved talking with everyone at the convention, especially the Northeast attendees! YALcon was highly successful and it was very fulfilling to see our hard work pay off.  

Kathryn and I stand with Rand so we sported our shirts we got from the YAL table at CPAC while watching the presidential debate. Rand stuck it to Christie when he said, “Here’s the problem governor, you fundamentally misunderstand the Bill of Rights.” 

We ended our internship with an American themed going away party.  Our summer was a summer to remember.  It doesn’t get better than fighting for liberty and making a lifelong friend along the way. Thank you to everyone who made our summer unforgettable! 

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