Summer Activism Idea: Farmers’ Market Tabling

Staying active during the summer doesn’t have to be a chore.  If you can find events or activities that are enjoyable, it makes activism that much better!

Farmers Market Table

Our Farmers’ Market crew.

Last summer, other members of the YAL at Indiana University and I had a lot of fun and a lot of success tabling at our local farmers’ market.  The people there were actually very receptive to our group, even though Bloomington is a liberal town and farmers’ markets are usually liberal hangouts.

One strategy we used was to ask people to sign our petition to bring Rep. Ron Paul to come speak at IU.  The beauty of it was that we got a lot of people to sign who told us that they weren’t supporters of Ron Paul or his ideas; they just thought it would be nice to have him come speak on campus.

Sam Handing Out YAR

Sam handing out a copy of YAR

We realized that just because somebody doesn’t support all of our positions doesn’t mean they don’t want to know about the group, or even donate to it.  We got emails from all sorts of people and kept them updated up until the day Ron Paul came to speak.

Every Saturday, we woke up early to get set up by 9 a.m.  Between then and 12 p.m., we would usually get dozens of signatures/emails and sometimes even a few donations.  

Money On Table

We learned that day to ALWAYS have a donation jar.

We also made sure to take lots of photos to post on our Facebook page and the YAL blog (for instance, see here and here).

Check out this video of us handing out fliers for an event we were hosting with the local C4L, as well as copies of Young American Revolution.

I imagine that no matter where you go to school, there is a local farmers’ market somewhere that goes on at least once a week over the summer.  So, what are you waiting for? Find a fellow YAL’er, get a table and some clipboards, and get out there!

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