Summer for a YAL Chapter President

I think every YAL Chapter President can agree that they had a somewhat hectic time getting their chapters started at the beginning of the semester. Before everything started running more smoothly there were fumbles, mishaps, etc. In the end we succeeded in our goals. But now it’s summer. People have left campus or even the state. In most cases chapters aren’t going to be active or as active during the break. 

This isn’t such a bad thing. It’s bad because you won’t get to hang out with all the awesome people you’ve met, but it’s good because it gives you the opportunity to do something else. PLAN! Okay I know that doesn’t sound exciting but hear me out. The first year as a CP is an opportunity to observe what worked and what didn’t, what was good and what was bad. The summer is a good time to note all the events, social media tactics, meeting format, etc. that worked for your chapter. It’s also an opportunity to come up with new ideas or events for which your chapter can participate! Only now you can do it at your own pace and not have to worry about your next quiz.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer! Chapter Presidents, it’s up to you to create, innovate and help YAL grow!

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