Summer kick-off at LDS Business College

YAL Salt Lake kicked off the summer semester with a recruitment drive at Latter Day Saints Business College. LDSBC’s new student orientation was packed with new students looking to get involved in campus life. We found students who came to LDSBC from as far as Poland! Although it is summer, it looks like we are going to have a much more active semester than we had anticipated. Many students are eager to join YAL and begin attending meetings and hosting events.

Ben Jiles and Chris HarelsonBen Jiles, Chris Harelson

We now have two Vice Presidents of our YAL chapter who are also excited to start working, Fiorella Vasquez and Ben Jiles. Fiorella spoke at our Utah state convention when she introduced Jonathan Johnson, former CEO of Ben has been involved in activism for some time and comes to LDS Business College after attending the conservative Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Fiorella Vasquez and Chris HarelsonFiorella Vasquez, Chris Harelson

During our recruitment drive we handed out flyers for an event we will be carpooling to in two weeks. Utah’s Libertas Institute is hosting a panel discussion at Weber State University on medical marijuana.

The panel will consist of State Representative Marc Roberts, Christine Stenquist, executive director of the Drug Policy Project of Utah, Salt Lake District Attorney Sim Gill, Allen Larson, a 22 year narcotics officer, and Senator Mark Madsen, who sponsored a bill in Utah to legalized medical marijuana. We surprisingly found a lot of support given LDS Business College’s conservative climate.

We’re experiencing much success in Utah. Our numbers are growing, our presence is being felt and our ideas are spreading. Part of our success comes from reaching out to local organizations with similar ideas and introducing students to opportunities to get involved beyond YAL. This creates value for students who traditionally are apathetic towards politics and gives them a reason to get involved. It doesn’t take much before they’re passionate about liberty too!

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