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I just want to take a quick minute to throw a shout out to all my libertarian friends this summer. Some of us are doing internships, some like myself even spread out across the country. I have friends working with Young Americans for Liberty, Students for Liberty, the Koch Summer Program, among others. It’s times like these that are unspoken in how much motivation we give to each other and I want to speak to that for just a minute. People are forging friendships and connections that will last for a very long time.

We take our summers and dedicate them to learning about our passion and future careers. We won’t get a “break” from our studies or jobs or future careers due to being involved this summer. The great part about this is that we don’t need a break because this stuff is so important to us it’s not even like “going to work” is a burden at all. This is by no means a knock on those who aren’t involved in this sort of thing; we all have our own ways of advancing liberty in the summer.

The one major driving force that keeps me going in all of this is encouragement, motivation from friends in a similar mindset and watching what my peers are doing. This isn’t something that’s half-hearted or just done for college credit. It’s not something we do just to kill time and maybe pad a resume a little bit. It’s something we do because we love it and are enthralled by it. I’m sure I don’t speak for myself alone when I say that going to work for the causes that I’m devoted to is really a pleasure. Through networking and events I’ve come to realize this is no small thing anymore. Our numbers are growing and the enthusiasm around what we do is growing.

To those of you who aren’t partaking in summer libertarian festivities, you’re missing out! Get involved with it next summer. Send your applications in and don’t think that you won’t be able to do it or get accepted. I had fears like that this summer but I’m glad I didn’t let them get this best of me because seeing how things are going, that would have been a real tragedy. Even though you’re not involved this summer, I’m confident that many of you are taking time to read up on important authors like Hayek, von Mises, Rothbard, etc. and will have great influence going forward with everything (yes, I’m looking at you in particular, SRU YAL).

Meeting people that are motivated to do what we do really drives me personally. To know that there is such a dedicated base of young support out there makes me jump out of bed in the morning to catch up on what everyone’s doing and where the day might take me. So as I sit writing letters or op-eds to newspapers, crunching numbers on school reform, researching burdensome government regulations on small businesses, writing blogs or writing a novel, know that I’m motivated by you and by us collectively. I really hope the energy and excitement for what we do continues and I think it will.

Know that people are out there reading your work. They’re reading your blogs, letters, research projects and viewpoints on important issues. From what I’ve experienced, a good majority of people don’t necessarily comment on things, but they do read because the viewpoint is so fresh and different than what the “accepted norm” is. As long as we stick together there will never be a reason to give up or be discouraged in what we do. A big thank you to everyone out there doing similar things this summer or working towards our common goal. You’re the best. Thanks! Keep it up.

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