Summer of Liberty, and strengthening our ties through recreation.

Keeping a YAL chapter active through the summer can be difficult. Everyone is off school, and nobody wants to work very hard during their summer break. In southern Nevada, we took a very recreational approach to how we would operate our chapters in the summer. There were no sign up sheets or hidden political motive. Instead, we offered free drinks and food.


Drumming for Liberty


With a lot of help from Leslie Chan, our state chair, and Brady Bowyer with his chapter at UNLV, YAL at College of Southern Nevada threw a series of fun events that were light on activism and heavy on fun to keep people connected between semesters as well as to attract new members the old fashioned way, with free drinks and food. Building strong social connections between our chapters was my primary mission going into the break.


With the exception of July, we have thrown a Liberty Party on every third Thursday since March. During the semester, we used space donated to us by LP Nevada, who kindly let us party in their office without trying to push any partisan agenda on us.

However, we knew that our summer events needed to be bigger and badder than simple office parties, and so we embarked on a series of themed events.

In May, we hosted our first annual Drumming for Liberty event. At Sunset park in Henderson Nevada, we had members from all three Nevada chapters, including University of Nevada Reno, beating their soft, capitalist hands, on a bunch of hand drums all through the night.


Drumming for Liberty Again

In June, we hosted a pool party at the Las Vegas One Skyrise. Our biggest success, we were able to attract liberty activists from all throughout the valley.


In August we of course had YALcon. Six Nevada members made the journey, including Leslie Chan, Brady Bowyer, Marco Lopez, Aaron Morton, Jamie Herrick, and myself. It was a phenomenal event on the beautiful Catholic University of America Campus in Washington DC. The opportunities and experiences being offered to us by Young American’s for Liberty and all of the sponsor organizations make getting involved in this movement an incredibly rewarding experience.


August has been and will continue to be a busy month for the Nevada chapters. We have a large end of summer event planned that will include guest speakers, local politicians, activists, and business leaders, as well as a beer pong tournament and live music. So far we held a watch party for the first republican nomination debate. Most of the Southern Nevada YAL members also participated in throwing me a surprise birthday party.

This summer, we spent a lot of time having fun and increasing our social ties. While a lot of fun, I look forward to jumping back into more serious activism events. I can say with confidence that these summer events helped establish strong ties between local YAL members, and we are ready to take to our schools with determination and a unified presence.

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