Summer Social

Early this month, Lone Star College partnered up with University of Houston, University of Houston – Downtown, and Houston Baptist University to have a summer kick off social.  During this social gathering our Texas State Chair, Michael Anderson, introduced all of the chapters to our newest Texas State Chair, Christian Ehmling.  This was a fun filled evening of Chapter Presidents and State Chairs speaking about our community’s accomplishments and an attempt to come together to participate in community activism during the summer.  Between Clayton, Michael, Isai, and myself we discussed coming together for more social events, a city hall protest, and even our plans to get to YALCON. We got to celebrate our victory on police body cams and talked about next steps in that fight. Having so many active chapters so close to each other makes it much easier to coordinate our activism. Perhaps more importantly, all the different YAL members in the area just get along so well, and the end of the social was pretty clear evidence of that. Between all of us dancing to the most random music and 4 or 5 of us pretending it was karaoke night at any given time, these YAL members know how to enjoy themselves. With such a great team, there’s no doubt that we’ll Make Liberty Win!

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