SUNY Albany YAL 2013 Fall Activism Report!

Choose Charity!

Fall 2013 marked the most active semester yet for our chapter of Young Americans for Liberty!  We engaged in 8 major activism events that our team planned and executed flawlessly.  I am very proud of my Leadership Team and the general membership of my chapter as we continue to aspire for new heights in the fight for liberty at SUNY Albany!

This year we planned and executed:

  1.  Fall Recruitment Drive
  2. Fall General Interest Meeting
  3. Constitution Week
  4. Second Amendment Week
  5. SFL NYC Regional Conference
  6. LI YLS School Manchester New Hampshire
  7. Choose Charity
  8. End the FED Week

Our group is rapidly growing and doing more and more events, making this semester a wonderful success and a stepping stone towards a more active and better organized YAL.

Fall General Interest Meeting with Hornberger!

Second Amendment Week!

Let’s look at some numbers:

  • Our Fall Recruitment Drive yielded 500 new names on our list serve in 2 weeks of tabling!
  • We raised $1,400 in the Fall for our activities throughout the semester
  • We spent $947 on new activism projects and outreach efforts
  • About 45 people attended our general interest meeting featuring Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation and  video from Congressman Ted Yoho
  • Our chapter on increased from 30 to 46 members
  • We vastly increased our presence on Social media by going from 2 to 72 followers on Twitter and 221 to 322 likes on Facebook
  • We increased our awareness within the Albany political community due to the press coverage and success of our “Right that Secures them All” gun rally event

This semester we also had the privilege of bringing many distinguished speakers and local leaders:

  • Jacob Hornberger President of the Future of Freedom Foundation
  • Tom King President of New York State Rifle and Pistol Association
  • Stephen Aldstadt President of the Shooters Committee on political Education
  • NYS Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin
  • NYS Assemblyman Steve Katz
  • NYS Assemblyman Marc Butler
  • Albany County Legislator Deborah Busch
  • Syracuse Liberty Activist David Andrew Gay
  • Committeeman Rob Arrigo
  • A video message from Congressman Ted Yoho
Jacob Hornberger!
Assemblyman McLaughlin
Assemblyman Katz

Fall 2013 was a fantastic semester for our YAL chapter, and going forward, we are going to try to shoot even higher this semester as it is already looking action-packed with our biggest planned event: the Young Americans for Liberty NY State Convention, which is being held at SUNY Albany.

I am honored to be the leader of SUNY Albany Young Americans for Liberty and cannot wait to get back to work for the Liberty Movement in the Spring!

For Liberty,


P.S. Attached is our semester expenditure report if you want to take a more in depth look at how we did!

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