SUNY Albany YAL April Innovative Activism: Campus Invasion of St. Rose

SUNY Albany YAL for our April Innovative Activism project decided to take the philosophy of liberty on the road to the nearby campus of St. Rose in an attempt to create a Young Americans for Liberty chapter somewhere else in the Capitol Region of New York.

SUNY Albany YAL at St. Rose!

We used the extra resources we were allocated by YAL National for this project, along with some of our own stuff, to create an effective mini free speech wall display with the question, “What does liberty mean to you?” to attract students over to the table.

SUNY Albany YAL at St. Rose!

We were very successful with our endeavor and got 40 signups!

SUNY Albany YAL at St. Rose

We are currently in the middle of attempting to get hold of the students who visited with us over the summer so we can get a St. Rose chapter started next semester.

SUNY Albany YAL at St. RoseSUNY Albany YAL at St. Rose

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