A large chunk of our leadership team was lucky enough to attend ISFLC 2014 in February and do some serious networking and training! We met some key players in the liberty movement and mingled with other young activists like ourselves. 


We also attended a panel on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies featuring Jeffrey Tucker, Marianne Copenhaver and the Leadership Institute’s own Jackie Silseth. 



To add to that, the amount of networking we did was monumental, including coalition-building for SUNY Albany’s new up-and-coming LOLA chapter. The ladies of liberty in the chapter met with other liberty ladies to exchange ideas on the social issues of liberty that the organization plans to focus on. 

As some people may already know, the convention was kicked off with a live taping of the STOSSEL show where we posed questions along with other students on economic liberties and many other things, including but not limited to free speech suppression on campus. 



David Boaz, Lawrence Reed, Matt Kibbe and Justin Amash were just some of the guest speakers highlighting the event. 


ISFLC was a great opportunity to meet students around the world who are just as concerned about our liberties as we are here in the United States. With the collaboration of these students with us, we can effectively grow our base in the fight for liberty!

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