SUNY Albany YAL at the SFL Regional Conference

On October 18 & 19, our YAL chapter engaged in the first of two trips across the Northeast in the month of October to get our new members and current members trained, networked with the greater liberty movement, and educated on liberty issues.

Five chapter members and I made the trip down to NYC by train to attend the all-day conference in the city. While there, our new members actively took up conversation with many of the attendees, talking about philosophy and exchanging many ideas while getting contact information from  major players in the movement.

As always, the team was excited to be participating and greatly enjoyed the conference. This was especially true for members Conner Dunleavy, Andrew Britt, and Rishi Peddy, who had never been to a political conference of any kind before!  For them it was a unique experience and we hope to do more trips like this in the near future.

SFL Conference

Group photo!

Overall, we had a wonderful time and got to meet Jeffery Tucker and Steve Horwitz, who were the big speakers at this conference.  SUNY Albany YAL expanded our network and gained many friends and contacts whom we ope to see again in the future!  As an attendee last year I must say that this was an improvement from last year. The YAL State Conventions and SFL Regional conference series truly show how the liberty movement is gaining momentum all over the country. The crowd this year was larger and the speakers list was much more impressive. Thanks to SFL for putting on such a great conference. Liberty is winning, even in a  state like New York!

Steve Horwitz!

With Jeffery Tucker!

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