SUNY Albany YAL at the YAL State Convention

Spreading a philosophy is very complicated business, and as with all things, adventure is part of the equation when marching towards a goal.  With an open mind, SUNY Albany YAL journeyed out to Montclair State to enjoy the YAL Regional Conference at Montclair State in New Jersey in order to: learn how to become better activists, meet like minded individuals and most important, to have fun!

The team at conference 

SUNY Alabny YAL at Conference!

Our activists learned a lot during the conference and had a wonderful time!  We brought 7 individuals from SUNY Albany. A highlight for me was having the honor to introduce David Boaz of the Cato Institute as one of the keynote speakers at the Conference!

All in all we made it down and back and learned a large amount which we will take back with us to SUNY Albany to implement on our own campus.  We want to thank YAL @ Montclair State University for putting on such a great conference and the YAL national team for doing the State Conventions this Spring.

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