SUNY Albany YAL awarded for the NY YAL State Convention!

Over two months ago, on February 22, 2014, SUNY Albany YAL witnessed the culmination of almost three months of work and planning with the successful organization and execution of the NY YAL State Convention. This convention, which had 130 activists in attendance, featured Dr. Paul skyping in and local heroes such as Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin. It was a fantastic success and the largest event SUNY Albany YAL has planned to date!

Our efforts in planning this event and effectively promoting the cause of liberty on our campus did not go unnoticed!  In the past month our chapter was awarded two high honors for our hard work on campus: A “President’s Award” from the office of the University President and a “Purple and Gold Award” from our Student Government. We were awarded the Purple and Gold award specifically for the Convention as it was considered to be the “Best Networking event of the Year.”

Accepting our Purple and Gold Award!

All of this was made possible by the hard work and dedication of our membership and leadership team. Weeks of phone calls to more than 700 people of week and hours of Facebook graph searching ended up paying off big, and we are ecstatic to have been honored by our university!

Our YAL chapter has truly gone above and far beyond what we accomplished last year. Along with these awards, our YAL is poised to have nearly $10,000 in financial assets to fight for liberty next year and we engaged in over 22 activism events.  We will keep doing our part to fight for liberty to ensure that we can achieve liberty in our time.

The fight for liberty is a team effort and remember that we all have our role to play!

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