SUNY Albany YAL Constitution Week Success!

Getting those Signups!

This Constitution Week was the most action-packed week of the semester yet, and we are far from finished!

Our chapter utilized Constitution Week for a dual purpose. We used it not just as a way to educate the student body about the Constitution and our great nation, but to continue our Fall Recruitment Drive to promote our our chapter’s General Interest Meeting. This meeting featured a video from Congressman Ted Yoho of Florida and an in-person visit from Jacob Hornberger, the President of the Future of Freedom Foundation. We advertised the meeting during Constitution W,eek as well as throughout the month.

During our Constitution week in order to promote our September 23rd meeting we:

  • Tabled for Constitution Week with a Free Speech Wall and our “Pin the Violation on the Amendment” mix and match game
  • Dormstormed all over the campus distributing 2000 flyers directly to the student body and signing up students for our YAL Chapter
  • Chalked all over campus
  • Flyered for our meeting
  • Took part in our Student Government’s activity fair

The results are wonderful! Over a two week period, our YAL chapter signed up 520 students to the cause of liberty while handing out about 200 Constitutions! We got our brand out there in ways we never have before, reaching a far larger audience increasing our online presence through Facebook and Twitter at the same time we were expanding our ground game.

Starting Constitution Week on Monday the 16th, we began a full week of tabling with two displays designed to get students locked in and interested in our organization.  We had our free speech wall inside, where students could express themselves any way they saw fit; and on the outside we had our “Pin the Violation on the Amendment” mix and match game.

Our Free Speech Wall was pretty straightforward.  It was a tri-fold science board we placed on our table for students to come on by and write whatever they’d like. After signing it, we found that many students were hooked into what the chapter was about, so we deferred to our proven method from the previous week:

  • administer an OPH quiz
  • show them that they’re libertarian
  • give them information about our meeting
  • get the signup
  • give them a piece of candy

Remember, Always Be Closing!

Free Speech Wall!

For our “pin the violation on the Amendment” mix and match game, we wrote out the Bill of Rights on posterboard and on index cards wrote out violations of each amendment which could then be attached wit the help of Velcro to the Board.  Students that got half of the violations correct were given candy and a Constitution. Those who got everything correct, in addition to those wonderful prizes (along with meeting info of course), were awarded the privilege of becoming a “SUNY Albany Founding Father” and were allowed to sign our large Constitution Display on the back of the game!

Playing the mix and match game!

Game in action close up!

Giant Constitution!

However, tabling was not the only thing we planned for Constitution Week! Starting on Tuesday, we began to dormstorm to the major Residence Halls on campus taking our message directly to the people telling them about: our General Interest Meeting, YAL’s mission and principles, and everything that we had planned this semester. Dormstorming was a great success and we added many more students onto our email list, while at the same time getting some of our new members actively involved in the chapter’s activities. We talked to at least 2000 students directly and brought liberty to the people!

going door to door for liberty!

Talking to the people!

At our weekly meeting on Tuesday, we decided to take our advertising to an even larger audience by turning our meeting into an excuse to chalk the campus for liberty.  We went throughout the entire campus writing messages of liberty anywhere we could while at the same time remembering to plug our meeting on September 23rd. The new members loved this activity!

Chalking for Liberty! New members! Liberty!

For added advertising, we put up our custom flyer for the General Interest Meeting. Remember be flashy, be brief, and always always have free pizza!


The last activity we engaged in to round out Constitution Week before our Monday meeting was our Student Government’s Activities Fair, where we won a bet with the College Republicans as to who would get more sign-ups.  We got 80 new people in one day alone while the CR’s picked up 60. It was good fight!

Activities Fair! Getting more people signed up! Table during the fair

With our Constitution Week activities coming to a close and all of our advertising done, the big meeting finally came. We picked up Mr. Hornberger and brought him to campus as well as received the video from Congressman Yoho’s office. With free pizza and our speaker ready to go, all we had to do was wait.

Then people started piling in! Our chapter successfully planned our work and worked our plan — and the results showed at this meeting. More than 50 people showed up to our General Interest Meeting, and we received emails from others who could not but very much so wanted to attend. The meeting proceeded in this format:

  • Intro video from Congressman Yoho
  • A short PowerPoint delivered by me about the philosophy of liberty
  • A 45-minute speech from Jacob Hornberger, President of the Future of Freedom Foundation

The meeting was recorded by local online radio station, NY Liberty Radio, and was shared with the greater NY liberty community in this format.  Check it out here:

It was an awesome meeting and a wonderful experience!

Talking about Liberty! Mr. Hornberger talking Close up

We also got a wonderful group picture with Mr. Hornberger!

SUNY Albany YAL!

The post-meeting social was held at the local Friday’s, and Mr. Hornberger was nice enough to come out with us and spend part of his evening with us.

Eating with Mr. Hornberger! Talking about liberty!

Overall, SUNY Albany YAL had a wonderfully successful September and we have only begun the fight for liberty this year on campus!

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