SUNY Albany YAL Fundraising Success!

I am pleased to announce that the fundraising segment of our YAL’s Grand Strategy plan here at SUNY Albany for this year has been very successful and it has not yet even been a  full month yet! Our target was around $3,000 or $4,000 based upon our planned activities.

In August, with most of our events fully planned, we put into motion the budgeting process for our year of events.  I always love being prepared at least a month of ahead of major activities so that I have time to ask for money.  Although our initial goal has been altered due to a change in speakers for our general interest meeting, we have almost fully achieved our fundraising target!  Our YAL will be going into October with $2,988.61!

Last year our YAL chapter raised $2,108.32 for our activities, and within one month of pushing we are poised to almost over take that amount.  In the month of August into September including 1 large organizational donation and individual donations, our YAL has taken in $1,828.28.  Combined with 1,160.33 in money we purposely saved from last year, we will have 2,988.61 going into October!

How did we do this and what do we need the money for?

Well, when we began planning for our yearly activities in July, one of the main thing on my Executive Board’s mind was funding for our events. I have attached this blog post the outline of our budget which we worked on in July. Our original target was closer to around $5,000, but with alterations in planning and events, our target was revised to around $3,000.

We raised this money through a number of media. We asked close friends and family members, we created an online page to receive donations which we shared around the internet, and most important, we utilized YAL’s network of partnering organisations to seek grant money for our chapter.

Our YAL chapter in small individual donations through checks and online media received $642.28!  My recruitment chair, Ryan, even got his mom to sell chocolate for us, which was a $97 part of that total.  My Public Advocate, Randy, myself, and my father are each donating money, and some friends of ours donated online.

In terms of large donations, our friends at Tea Party Patriots will be sending us a $1,186 check for various SUNY Albany YAL events!  The budget breakdown I have attached is actually the budget request we sent out to them to request funding.  I hope that the way we outlined our budget helps other chapters int heir fundraising goals!

Check out these links and the attached documents to see what we did! 

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