SUNY-Albany YAL General Interest Meeting

SUNY-Albany YAL held our second general meeting of the year on February 14th 2013!  Initially we were worried about the outcome to this event as it was on Valentines Day, but at least 30 people turned out for this meeting and the crowd that we attracted (no pun intended) was greatly interested in our mission and goals. 

YAL General Interest Meeting

Our Student Government didn’t give us the date we requested, which was the previous day, so we had to make the best of the day we were given! Due to this, we made our general interest meeting about how similar relationships and the economy are by doing a special presentation called “Lovenomics.”  In this presentation, we boiled down the Housing Market Crash into the dynamics of a two-person relationship.

The presentation went over very well and we gained 9 new members, making our group size around 35 members (free pizza helped as well)!

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