SUNY Albany YAL hitting the ground running with our Fall Recruitment Drive (Week 1)!

Large display under cosntruction

After a full summer of planning for activities that began in early July, SUNY Albany YAL is hitting the ground running and is stronger then ever!  After one week of tabling, our chapter picked up more than 300 new sign-ups, getting 112 signatures on the first day alone.

And we are not even close to being finished yet!

The custom easel and display at work!

Utilizing proper tabling techniques such as:

  • standing in front of the table
  • directly engaging the student body in issue based questioning
  • having large displays and proper table presentation

We are on our way to having an exceptionally effective semester!


This was our plan: To gain a huge base of resources from YAL and YAL’s partnering organizations and then to have a planning meeting to build a tabling schedule, make displays for tabling, and, most important, create a strategy to engage students.

Tabling 2

This two-week block of tabling, which includes our Constitution Week, is being used to build a mass of interest for our chapter’s general interest meeting at the end of the month, which is featuring Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation and Rep. Ted Yoho from Florida.

More tabling

Contacting many of YAL’s partnering programs in mid-August in preparation for our Fall Recruitment Drive, we received extra resources such as pocket Constitutions and bumper stickers from our friends at Tea Party Patriots, and copies of Why Liberty? and a tabling kit with stickers, buttons, as well as other resources from our allies in liberty at SFL.

Once I received our banner, recruitment kit, and resources from YAL’s partnering organizations, SUNY Albany YAL hosted a planning meeting on the Sunday before we began tabling to create the displays and materials that we would be using to draw in the student body. Sarah, our Media Director; Conner, one of our best new members; Ryan, our Recruitment Chairman; and I devised a plan to make sure we drew in the most students possible for Week 1 of our two-week Recruitment Drive.  

Using a little SUNY Albany innovation, our chapter altered a display easel to be able to hold displays up to 50 inches wide. In our experience, large displays are essential to getting people to your table. With alterations to an easel and with the attachment of a dry erase board to posterboard, we had a wonderful recruitment tool that will serve for generations of SUNY Albany YAL members to come! It displays three reasons you should join YAL and a list of our upcoming events that can be altered at any time.

With all of our resources ready for action, all we had to do was make our table look pretty and start engaging the student body!  To get many new sign-ups fast, we developed a specific technique to get students hooked on liberty.  This method follows this progression:

  1. ask a broad question (usually relating to a petition)
  2. give them the OPH quiz
  3. based on their quiz results, engage them based on what they find important
  4. then, most importantly, close and get the sign-up!

We started out by drawing out the noninterventionists at the school by doing a petition against the war on Syria, changed it up halfway through the week to be against the war on drugs, and then ended with a petition against high tuition costs.

These methods were very effective and allowed us to get over 300 new sign-ups.


After collecting these signatures, we weren’t done!  We followed up with our contacts and invited them to our weekly meeting to get some new volunteers prior to our general interest meeting and the results were great!  We got some solidly interested new volunteers for our chapter and we are putting them to work as we get closer to our general interest meeting.


We are ready to go into our second week of tabling even stronger and we will update the National team on our progress!

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