SUNY Albany YAL report on Generation of War and the FACL Political Leadership School

The crowd at the training

Within the last week, SUNY Albany YAL has had two highly successful and well attended events!

On March 30th, in conjunction with the Capitol Region Campaign for Liberty, hosted a Political Leadership School that ran all day and was attended by over 100 people!  The speaker that led the all day seminar was Kirk Shelly, a prominent Liberty activist who was the Chairman of the Ron Paul campaign in Oklahoma. 

This was a fantastic event where everybody involved learned a great deal about political advocacy.  SUNY Albany YAL was sure to utilize this opportunity to not only learn how to be more efficient in political activity, but network and attempt to raise funds from the Capitol Region Liberty Movement.  We were very successful, using the large crowd to sell copies of After the Welfare State and other liberty minded educational materials to raise $500 for our club!

Jacob Hornberger and myself

The following week, on April 4th, our chapter held our “A Generation of War” event.  We decided to expand our event to include the erosion of civil liberties at home and abroad by altering our event to be “Know Your Rights/A Generation of War” by inviting two prominent speakers: Jacob G. Hornberger President of the Future Freedom Foundation to discuss foreign policy and Colin Donnaruma to discuss domestic policies like “Stop and Frisk.”

SUNY Albany YAL with Jacob Hornberger!

For the rest of the semester SUNY Albany YAL will be focusing on bringing a good amount of our club to the YAL Regional Conference at Montclair State the 27th, fundraising by selling chocolates through  program we are calling “Chocolates for Liberty,” raising money through an event at a local UNO’s, releasing another issue of our paper, The Liberty Standard, and using our April Activism to initiate an invasion of the nearby campus of St. Rose to create a YAL Chapter there!



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