SUNY at Albany holds Incarceration Nation


The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University at Albany recently held a very successful Incarceration Nation event on our campus!


This event started with days of planning and a trip to The Home Depot for our jail cell. The plans were all laid out: ask students who walk by “are you a criminal” in order to engage them and inform them of the injustices within the American Criminal Justice System, such as mandatory minimums.


We spoke to students who stopped by about our meeting that week and informed them we’d have a special guest speaker and show a short documentary about Weldon Angelos.


Dozens of students decided to stop and take a photo behind bars to show their support for criminal justice reform. That week about 25 people attended our meeting where the documentary was shown and one of our alum who now works around the state government spoke out about affecting change in our own communities and the need to also stand up to Civil Asset Forfeiture.  


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