SUNY Buffalo Semester Report

The University at Buffalo chapter of Young Americans for Liberty had a melange of compelling activities this semester, from the fun to the fund-raising. To start off the year, we had a tabling event for Constitution Day on September 17th, 2010. Constitutions and liberty-minded literature were handed out to passerby on campus, and interesting discourse was created with people who didn’t even know they were libertarian until taking “The World’s Smallest Political Quiz.”

Me, Pose-Reading

A week later, we had an info session for interested newbies. A Powerpoint presentation was introduced which outlined the answer to the philosophical question, “What is Liberty?”

Our purpose was to welcome new members — and from a net total of 4 members at UB YAL last year, we grew to a close group of 10 regular attendees (there were more total members, as there are 88 members in our Facebook group).

Having meetings almost every week, we discussed member-attracting tactics, events, the concept of liberty, the Landmark education forum, and political news. We had official social outings: dinner, a night of video games, a Wing Night, and ice skating all reinforced our closeness.

On a national level, many UB YAL members attended the Youth Leadership School in Pennsylvania and the YAL New Hampshire Boot Camp; our president went to the Michigan Boot Camp. Members acquired skills that would be useful for a leadership role in politics and participated in fund-raising.

We intended to close the semester with a bang by having a debate the week before finals against the United Socialists Movement of the Americas, but unfortunately, they canceled due to a lack of time for debate preparation. And it’s no wonder; the intricacies of a lie don’t come easy, but liberty is a simple case to make; it’s already in everyone’s hearts.

Youth Leadership

Info Session

Promotional Flyer for our Club around Campus

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