Super Congress: Politburo for a Brave New America

History repeats itself.

At the height of the Soviet Union’s power, the principal decision-making was done by a small, powerful cabal: the central committee’s politic bureau, more commonly known as the politboro. You see, under Marxist-Leninist states, the Communist party is propagandized as “the vanguard of the people” instead of being presented as what they really were and have always been:  government agents seeking to centralize power into the hands of a few, effectively creating an oligarchy. Of course, other variations of this power structure have existed or continue to, from the Third Reich to the China.

China's Politburo... coming soon to The District

No debates. No amendments. No filibustering. Checks and balances? Gone. Constituent input? Not happening. That’s what the law-making process may soon look like, as we usher in the era of “The Super Congress.

…or the American Politburo. 

While swallowing the first bites of that “satan sandwich” that is the bi-partisan “debt ceiling deal,” Americans will come to find the compromise bill contains more than just an additional 7-to-10-trillion-something in debt shackles. By now, you’ve probably heard about the alarming proposal of a legislative body that would supercede both houses:  “The Super congress,” as it was originally labeled by the Huffington Post. Like a bad Freddy Krueger movie, or watching Tom Delay try to dance on reality TV, it’s a nightmare now manifesting itself into reality (thanks to a provision jammed into the bill that allowed for the committee’s creation).

The committee will consist of only six Democrats and six Republicans who, behind closed doors, will be able to craft pieces of legislation that the rest of congress have absolutely no control over beyond a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote. By official excuse, the committee has been created to ensure that government spending is slashed by 1.5 trillion over the next 10 years (in actuality we’re not slashing anything) as a part of the debt limit “deal”… in execution, this committee has unconstitutionally been handed the law-making powers of our actual congress. What this means is that incredibly controversial bills can’t be tabled, or kept from the house floor, if super-congress so chooses to force them onto the floor.

As Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America has noted that the precedent this development sets could see all kinds of insane legislation come to the floor in such a manner; here are a few he fielded as a possibility: a new “Assault Weapons” ban, or a ban on semi-automatics all-together, or even a national hand gun registration. Of course it doesn’t just stop at guns, this committee can introduce any number of outrageous encroachments on constitutional liberties without fear of reprisal from other house members.

Again, this new tier in the federal power structure further distances the lawmakers from the people, effectively creating an American counterpart to the soviet-era Politburo. If this sounds like a shadowy organization with no oversight, that’s because it essentially will be. There is very little written into the debt bill that alludes to transparency for the proposed Super Committee, just that the language of their own proposals be made public after the fact.

Assume for a minute that Al Gore’s green acolytes don’t successfully extinguish your chances to have children someday. What will the state-funded teachers of tomorrow call our system of government in their classrooms? Let’s look over two definitions, shall we?

a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.
[Oxford English Dictionary]

a small group of people having control of a country or organization.
[Oxford English Dictionary]

So with a brand, new shiny Super Congress, which do we sound more like to you? Essentially, congress has bi-partisanly paved the way for a super highway to statism. The road to serfdom just got 12 lanes wider, with cars of both red and blue driving us toward a tyrannical cliff of absolute state-control.

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