Super PAC App Fact Checks Ads in Real Time

1x1.trans Super PAC App Fact Checks Ads In Real Time

Justin Adelson, MIT Sloan

Political ads often bend and distort reality to achieve an end. However, emerging tools make it easier than ever to dispel confusion about political TV ads. Enter the Super PAC App: a new mobile application that gives users detailed information about political ads.

The app accomplishes this by using audio fingerprinting software to listen to the campaign ad, and then simply shows what PAC paid for it, provides verification of claims in the ad, and gives links to non-partisan sources to learn more. Users can even rate each ad by “love,” “fair,” “fishy” and “fail.” This is political technology that makes deceiving voters more difficult.

The app isn’t trying to out-perform the many “follow the money” sites like Open Secrets or Politfact. Rather it is designed to make accessing that information much easier.  There are some gaps in information that can’t be bridged due to the limited information that Super PACs are required to disclose, but even with these limitations this is a significant and powerful tool.

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