Superbowl Smackdown: Bernanke Edition

In light of the holiday, that is, Superbowl Sunday… one can’t help but notice the cultural behemoth that has arisen in it’s wake.

  • Indianapolis Colts.  New Orleans Saints.  The best teams in football, as evidenced by both regular season record and playoff performance.
  • New Orleans. A city that headlined one of the most traumatic disasters in recent memory surging forth to claim it’s symbolic moral victory.  
  • Tim Tebow. A Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, on the verge of his NFL debut, stirring up a whirlpool of controversy as he premieres with his mother in a pro-life Superbowl ad

Great teams.  Great emotional subtext.  Great politically infused sideshow.

All the necessary conditions for an early February media blizzard in Miami.

Though the Superbowl causes media hoopla every year, this time there’s no escape.  It’s everywhere.  It’s even on CNBC…. “First In Business”.  If the media really were a blizzard, this Superbowl might be the Snowpocalypse.  Would such an immensely saturated moment of cultural folklore be complete without some sort of appearance from the TIME Magazine Person of the Year?  Probably not.

Which is why CNBC held Ben to task on his newfound iconic duty as cultural steward, delivering some All-American face time on his behalf; by showing his picture to members of the Indianapolis Colts, just to see if they knew who he was.

While it would be unfair for me to root for the Colts solely based on their answers (haven’t seen the Saints version), Defensive Tackle, Daniel Muir, gives a great response…and it ain’t, “Who Dat?”

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