Support for Afghan War Drops

The LA TimesTop of the Ticket blog, which regularly covered Ron Paul throughout his presidential campaign, reports that support for the Afghan war has hit a new low:

Fifty-two percent of the 1,001 adult Americans polled Nov. 12-15 now say the war there has not been worth the cost, down 13 points in the last 11 months….

Once, Obama’s war policies were his strongest poll suit (63%). Now, only 45% approve of Obama’s handling of Afghanistan; more (48%) don’t. His war support among independents, a crucial ingredient in the Democrat’s election victory 54 weeks ago, has slipped to 39%.

Apparently Mr. Obama has not yet realized that more of the same isn’t popular among people who (thought they) voted for change.  In other good news, the hawkish “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here” argument is losing ground too, even as the current administration recycles that old line from the Bush years:

Ominously, for Obama, however, less than a quarter of Americans now buy that argument. Nearly two-thirds (64%) currently say the risk of terrorism at home is the same whether we continue to fight there or withdraw.

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