Supreme Court to Reconsider McCain-Feingold

In a surprising move, the U.S. Supreme Court will reconsider the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform law. This is a rather promising sign for freedom and could suggest an overturn by the court. From Politico:

In a sign that the Supreme Court is seriously considering overturning one of the underpinnings of modern campaign finance rules, Chief Justice John Roberts on Monday announced that justices would rehear a case challenging restrictions on corporate-funded campaign ads. The result of the argument, which is scheduled for September 9, could reshape the way American political campaigns are waged on the precipice of the 2010 midterm and the 2012 presidential elections.

This is a good sign for lovers of liberty. This bill tampers with the rights of people to participate in the political process by capping the amount of money one can give a political candidate.  Political speech is protected by the First Amendment and the McCain-Feingold law suffocates that speech. We will be flowing this very closely.

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