Susquehanna University Club Fair and Continued Efforts in Becoming Recognized

                On September 5th, 2017, Young Americans For Liberty set up our table here at SU. We got 13 sign ups and 3 solid members. Ed, Derek, and Thomas are great individuals, and I am glad they can be a part of the impact we will continue to have here on campus. Though there is no solid idea for an event we will have here on campus, we hopefully will have something ironed out this Wednesday during our meeting. Recently we have hit another bump in the process of becoming an officially recognized club on campus. Last year the university lost our paperwork, so we are currently in the process of getting completed again. A professor here on campus I approached about becoming our advisor. He told me he would love to, but under the current climate at the university he is worried about his contract being renewed if he were to sign up. Many individuals on campus do not agree with his teaching style, from his criticism of blind religious acceptance, to his explanations of real life gritty situations by using black humor. Hopefully we can get the situation sorted out, but in the meantime, we are here to preach liberty, and promote free speech here on campus!

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