Sweet Liber-Tea Organization Days

In order to compete with the multitude of organizations here at Auburn University, we had to get a tad creative with our Recruitment Drive ideas.

Sweet Liber-Tea

In addition to distributing YAL pamphlets and political quizzes, we handed out free “Sweet Liber-Tea” to all students who signed up for our e-mail list. Needless to say, our Organization Days were a success as we ended up with over 70 new sign-ups in just two days!

New Member sign-up

We even got our school mascot, Aubie to listen to our free-thinking, liberty-minded ideas!


Thursday evening, we made sodas and snacks available to all members attending our first official meeting. We discussed our slogan, “Classically Liberal, Traditionally Conservative” and watched some humorous clips about libertarianism in modern media from Julie Borowski, Remy, South Park, Parks and Recreation, and Clint Eastwood.

We left the last few minutes for an open discussion about what our members would like to see the organization accomplish and discuss this semester and got some great responses, such as international relations, banking infrastructure, “Who will build the roads?” and the non-aggression principle.

group suggestions

We had just over 15 new members show up to hear about our pro-liberty organization on our conservative campus, and look forward to continue growing our group throughout the rest of the semester! War Eagle!

first meeting group

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