Syracuse University students exercise their first amendment rights

On Wednesday March 30th, representatives from Syracuse YAL set up a table in the student center with a piece of poster board where students were encouraged to write whatever they wanted to share with the campus community. This event was encouraging freedom of speech which too often is being censored on today’s college campuses. 
Students share their thoughts on everything from politics to basketball!
The building was packed with excited students eager to get a spot on the bus to see the Men’s basketball team compete in the final four, but a few stopped over to share their pearls of wisdom.  Many wrote encouraging remarks for the team, while others shared their thoughts on the 2016 election.  One student simply wrote: “There is nothing wrong with casting a vote for a candidate you like”, which is something we could all stand to remember in our current ferocious political climate. 
Overall this event was a great success and we got several interested students to sign-up. Next week, Syracuse YAL will be recruiting at an event for incoming freshmen at the carrier dome.  Hopefully the future orangemen will enjoy freedom of expression as much as we all do.
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