Syracuse University YAL Fights through Obstacles

SU YAL Leadership at First Meeting

The process of getting a student organization officially recognized by a university is a long and arduous one, regardless of which university it is. Unfortunately, only when this process is completed can a student organization enjoy the privileges needed to have a legitimate presence on campus.

Since the start of this year, YAL at Syracuse University has dealt with the bureaucratic red tape and trudged through the often irrational steps for becoming a recognized student organization. This past Thursday, we were able to hold our first ever meeting. 

However, our chapter is still not fully completed the Registered Student Organization (RSO) process, and we do not have all of our privileges. We cannot post flyers on campus or advertise our events as much as we would like to, and we have heavy restrictions on our ability to table effectively. Because of this, the turnout for our meeting was far from what we were hoping, with little more than a handful of familiar faces showing up.

Still, our meeting proved to be extremely productive. We strategized many different ways in which we could work around the system and maximize our outreach and meeting attendance with the resources we have available to us. A big part of what we discussed was using social media to our advantage. The outcome: just two days after our meeting, we have nearly doubled the amount of likes on our Facebook page, and increased the amount of people viewing our posts by almost 400 percent!

Before long, we will be fully recognized by the university, and will have a plethora of resources at our disposal to hold events and spread our message on campus. When that happens, we will already be way ahead of the game, boasting an extensive network of liberty-lovers and a devoted following to boot.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way… 

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