Syracuse University’s Student Involvement Fair

On Wednesday, September 6th, our chapter kicked off its first tabling event of the semester on the Quad for Syracuse University’s Student Involvement Fair. Our day began at 11:00 am and concluded at 3:00 pm, and was filled with thousands of students traversing through the Quad, hundreds of which stopping by our table who were either familiar with Young Americans for Liberty or were curious to know more about libertarianism. Throughout the day, our members who were able to table during the Involvement Fair responded to questions about the history of YAL, our chapter’s previous work on campus, and libertarian perspectives on issues such as free speech/expression and the War on Drugs in the USA. By day’s end, we got 80 signups, several of which remain regular attendees to our weekly meetings and actively involved in our organization. Oh, and SU’s mascot – Otto the Orange – stopped by to sign up and take a quick photo, too!

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