T.K Coleman at YALCON

     Prior to hearing his name listed as a speaker for YALCON, I had never heard of Praxis or its Education Director T.K Coleman.  Yet upon reading his no was immediately intrigued by the man described as a thinker, motivational speaker, investor, and motivator all in one. This intrigue lead me across the web, landing upon YouTube videos exemplifying exactly the kind of work it is that Coleman does. 

     For a career, Coleman empowers people to take advantage of their own skills and talents, and through the use of his educational foundation and resources, he also provides them with the “know how” to turn their ideas and dreams into actionable reality through a through free marker ideas articulated in an exploration of psychology, business, and education. 



       As a student with a love for entrepreneurship, and the art and psychology behind persuasion and success, I can say that I am very excited to hear Coleman speak. The world needs more innovation and creative destruction in both the physical marketplace and the marketplace of ideas, and hopefully students find as much inspiration and creative spirit from his speech at YALCON, as I have from his YouTube videos and website. 

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