Tabling and YALgating at Eastern Kentucky University


The Young Americans for Liberty at Eastern Kentucky University have hit the campus hard early this semester in efforts to grow our chapter and spread the message of liberty to fellow EKU students. Our efforts have proven successful, as we have garnered nearly two-hundred signups. The signups have been followed up via email, and the YAL at EKU team has divided the names among each other in a strategy to maximize our outreach to students via phone call, and text messaging.


At our table we have utilized the materials granted to us kindly from the YAL National Convention. The tabling events have been so successful in fact, that we are already in need of a new recruitment kit! This has been a team effort from members of YAL at EKU who have dedicated their time to tabling. Our team strategy has also improved success at our table. For instance, we have implemented the use of music at our table to liven the area up a bit, and of course, Ron Paul being at our table draws some attention as well!


Furthermore, we have been strategic about the days that we table. Our first tabling was held during Movie-in Mania. On this day, Freshmen were moving into their dorms. We saw this as a prime opportunity to get sign ups, and really pitch to incoming students (who had their parents with them) the benefits of joining the Young Americans for Liberty. 

Our second large tabling event was held during Colonel Craze. On this day, our meetings chairmen Trevor Brown booked two tables rather than one. This turned out to be a great idea; as our YAL chapter was placed beside the EKU College Republicans. The second table gave us a divider between our two tables and enabled us room to move and interact with students passing by. While the College Republicans gave away a bunch of free materials, the Young Americans for Liberty effectively signed up over 80 students while the College Republicans appeared to only fill out one half sheet of sign-ups.

These two tabling successes could not have been done without the hard work of Trevor Brown, our meetings chairman and Nolan Kirchner, our tabling chairman

Rather than simply tabling, our chapter decided that it would be a great idea to spread our chapters name during the first EKU football home game. We began planning what we called, “YALgating”. Sebastian Torres and myself made a trip to the store to gather some food and refreshments, while Nolan and my Vice President Angelo Carriero established the group some parking spots in the parking lot.


We had 7 core members of the group attend YALgating on a Thursday night, and it was a huge success. Our YAL chapter set up “Liberty Pong” as well as Bear Pong and watched the fun commence.




Everyone enjoyed themselves during YALgating, but things got serious when some members of the ROTC stopped by for a competitive game of liberty pong.


After there game was over, we made sure to have them sign up for YAL



Ron made a couple friends in the process after my VP Angelo and his partner (Right) beat my partner (Left) and I in a friendly game of liberty pong.


As members of YAL know, you can never get enough liberty; but you also can’t get enough liberty pong. Even if the wind made games feel like they would never end!

Even some friendly LEO’s stopped by to snap a quick photo!


It was a great time that was had by all; but this fun doesn’t stop here. The Young Americans for Liberty at Eastern Kentucky University will be YALgating at every home game; kicking butt for liberty while our Colonels kick but on the gridiron. 



Our chapter is off to a strong start this semester and we do not expect to slow down. The hard work of my team made for a wonderful turnout at our first two meetings. Trevor Brown is due a lot of credit for making sure the location of our meeting were booked and that our local pizza joint, Apollo’s Pizza was prepared for our group gathering. as you can see, our meetings were huge successes. We have officially added 4 new core members to the group who have either joined on the YAL webpage, or pledges to do so within the next couple days. 

Social MeetingMeeting2

You can expect a lot more from the Young Americans for Liberty at Eastern Kentucky University. Thursday September 10 we will be holding a Drowning in Debt event on campus, and in a couple weeks we will be spreading knowledge about the Constitution to thousands of students on campus by handing out Constitutions, having a free speech wall, and inviting professors to be a victim in our dunk tank as well as speak at our meetings. 

Liberty is growing at Eastern Kentucky University!!

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