Tabling at CU Denver! Recruitment Drive Fall 2015

This week was a good week for recruitment at CU Denver! Gabriel, our Field Representative from the Leadership Institute came out to help us table, and we spent good two hours tabling and recruiting new members.


Also, Patrick Tidwell, who is in the picture above, is seen helping us recruit. He had a YAL Chapter in Laramie, Wyoming, and recently he transferred to CU Denver. We’re very excited to welcome Patrick to our chapter!!!

Overall, we collected nearly two dozen names on our sign up sheet, and have begun to contact everyone on the list.

We had another short meeting today to get Tyler, Jenny and Austin up to date on our mission statement as well as the background on how and when YAL was founded. We also talked about the google calendar and how to set up our weekly meetings.

I am excited for how our recruitment drive has started, and I am looking forward to more success in the coming weeks as we table more!

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